Wilson Students vs. the Struggles of Long Beach Public Transportion

Johann Sotelo and Manny Moreno

Adair Aragon is in 12th grade. He is in the Technology Pathway.

Long Beach, CA- With the continual abrupt weather changes this year, going from 100 degrees to pouring rain, bus stops don’t have shelter or resting places for students. How is this affecting the ability of students to learn and get to school?


According to the LA Times, only a quarter of the 12,000 stops have shelters for students, making it harder for the students to wait for the bus with these extreme weather changes and conditions. ”Sometimes I would rather stay home than wait in the sun with musty kids,” said Adair Aragon, 12th grader in the Tech Pathway, “and it seems like more kids are taking the bus this year too.”


With bus stops not having the right equipment from rain and heat, it’s difficult for kids during the heatwave season when temperatures hit 100 degrees easily. Students already dislike going to school, and waiting for the bus in unbearable weather is another reason why. More storms coming to California, and bus stops not having the right shelter, will make it harder for them to get to school.