Marching Band Places Second in their First Competition this year.


Marching Band

Mehlika Kuvvet, Ulises Juarez, William Burns, and Vanessa Cruz, during a Marching Band Competition where they won the 3A Division at Bellflower High School.

Marina Svang, Rihanna Mosley, and Mia Colson

Long Beach- CA, Most people see marching bands at high school games, but the musicians and color guards are also in the course of their own season. 

“The band practiced so much for this, after all their hard work during band camp,” said Ulises Juarez, senior. 

 On October 8 2022, Wilson marching band finished second in the 3A Division at a competition hosted at Bellflower High School. Wilson’s constructive piece called “Under construction” had a high score of 63.7 in their music performance and percussion section. 

Divisions in marching band is when performers are in groups with different amounts of people. Group Sizes and names as follows: Division 1, 1A, is 1 to 45 performers or less, division 2 , 2A, is 46 to 65 performers, division 3, 3A, is  66 to 85 performers and so on, with divisions up to Class AAAAA with bands up to more than 140 members.

Even though Wilson took a win they were also having some obstacles along the way. “This year’s competition was pretty nerve racking, but it was a fun experience, we also had our challenges through the whole time with the choreography. Hopefully next time for our next competition we will do better than we have before, ” said senior Mehlika Kuvvet, captain of Wilson’s color guard team.

Wilson was competing in the California State Band Championships, which is a member organization of the Southwest Music Education Association. They judge on musical, visual and drumline performances after separating the schools by the size of the group competing.