COVID 19 Vaccine Mandate

David Duenas

In recent news Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he will impose a vaccine mandate for all students in California schools. But this brings the question to students, parents, and faculty, will we have a mandate on vaccines this coming January?


On Friday, October 1st, Governor Gavin Newsom imposed a new mandate for school children 12 to 15 years of age, Governor  Newsom stated that it is each individual city’s decision to mandate the vaccine for students on campus.


Questions and concerns from both students, and teachers arose, will Long Beach schools such as Wilson fall under the mandate like Los Angeles Unified School District or will we have our own mandate guidelines since cases of Covid 19 Delta variant have gone down in Long Beach in recent weeks. 


A student who wishes to be anonymous stated that though he was for getting the vaccine, he is against the Government forcing students and faculty to get the vaccine. He said “It infringes on the people’s rights to forcefully vaccinate the people” 

But he encourages students and their parents to get vaccinated because it just benefits everyone. He believes that all the conspiracy about Covid 19 are just bogus and out right stupid. 


I had the privilege to interview Ms Holland the Head principal and School of The Arts administrator, when asked about the covid 19 vaccine mandate she said that Long Beach Unified District will not fall under the mandate as of now, but said if there is a state mandate we will. Her views on the vaccine are that it’s a good idea to get it to keep you and your family safe, but she thinks that people have the freedom to choose whether they want to get the vaccine or not. She said “I am needle phobic but I realized it was a good feeling getting the vaccine It was good a nervous” 


Since the start of the school year we have had 32 confirmed cases of Covid accounting for both staff and students on campus, as of now we have 1-3 confirmed cases on campus and are confident that cases will go down even more this semester. Currently all students vaccinated or not  at Wilson are subjected to random covid test, but all Wilson students in a sport are required to be tested. Currently we have 73.5% of students vaccinated and 26.6% of unvaccinated students on WIlson Campus. 


For information on getting the Covid 19 vaccine go to the Long Beach Wilson site for information on the vaccine. Stay safe Bruins and remember it’s a great day to be a Bruin.