Student’s Dose to Safety


Walk-up vaccine distribution at the Long Beach Convention Center.

With the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine, the accessibility is becoming more open and students are taking advantage to receive their dose and start working their way closer to safety from this pandemic.

Now that the vaccine is more accessible to residents in the US and students returning back to campus, many are making the decision to receive the Covid vaccine to get a sense of safety and security during this pandemic. Some received it by being an essential worker such as Senior Jack Wade. “I received the vaccine because I work in the food industry and since I’m 18, it helped me access it much quicker and efficiently,” Wade said. 

Others were fortunate to receive the vaccine when the City of Long Beach made vaccine distributions to their residents. Wilson Senior Ashley Villegas said, “I was able to receive the vaccine because of the distribution that Long Beach did for their residents at the Convention Center.”

The process of getting access to the covid vaccine seemed fairly simple but required a bit of patience to be able to get a spot for the vaccine. “The process wasn’t too difficult, I went to the California Health Department website and made an appointment there,” said Wade. “There would be times that I had to refresh my screen because people would cancel their appointment and that would give me the opportunity to get a spot that’s open.” 

People have experienced various side effects from the vaccine, and everyone seems to have a slightly different experience. After the first vaccine it is common for people to experience arm soreness unless they are more vulnerable to the vaccine and get stronger effects. 

“Surprisingly I didn’t have any symptoms after receiving both doses, I stretched my arm out so it wouldn’t feel too sore after receiving my doses.” said Wade. Villegas also had a similar experience, she said, “the only symptom that I experienced was a sore arm.”

Students making a decision to receive the vaccine was crucial as it was either required or the decision was personally made for their own safety. Jack Wade said “I decided to take the vaccine because I wanted to have a sense of security from contracting covid, and I felt that this would also keep my family and friends safe. This decision was personal, not required.” Villegas had a similar response as she “decided to take the vaccine for the safety of others and mine included. It was a personal choice.”

With the decision of receiving the Covid vaccine, many are hopeful of soon returning to a normal life that we had before the emergence of the pandemic. “I hope this decision helps bring back a “normal life” and I hope that more people take into consideration to receive the vaccine to start to come back to normalcy” said Wade. As more students receive the vaccine alongside the residents of Long Beach, there are high hopes of us living life the way it should be.