Floaties for Freedom

Floaties for Freedom

Red Robin, Writer

Upon returning to in-person learning, Wilson Students can expect a few changes to the uniform policy in order to meet the requirements for COVID-19 safety restrictions. 

In order to maintain the six feet social distance standard, students are encouraged to wear pool donut floaties or carry pool noodles around campus. Recent studies have shown that an average adult size floatie and noodle provide the exact amount of space needed for students to safely navigate around others. “Since there will be no more high fives or hand shakes, noodle taps will be the new way to greet your friends,” said English teacher Mrs. Jorda.

Safety measures will also be taken in the classroom as students will be chained to their desks to ensure they resist the temptation to stray from their area and to keep them six feet away from their classmates. 

Spirit teams like Cheer and Bruinettes will be affected by this new dress code rule as well and will even have special team pool floaties to wear for the rallies. There will also be the opportunity to buy Wilson pool noodles and pool floaties from The Bear Store since these items will be a uniform requirement. Loaner noodles and floaties will also be available for checkout from the library if students forget theirs at home. 

“During these last weeks of school it will be interesting to see the different prints on student’s pool donuts” shared Mr. Steinhauser  “My friends and I are looking forward to getting matching pool donut floaties and pool noodles to wear at school” said Wilson student Berenice Castro

All in all it seems Wilson staff and students are willing and ready to comply with the new dress code and excited to return to in person learning.