Wilson High School- Home of the Scholars and Champions


Construction workers are headed for Lowes to repaint the Wilson entrance.

JJ's Fan, Staff Writer

As Wilson High School renovates the 100 building, contractors are adding yellow and green accents to create unity with Long Beach Polytechnic High School (Poly). But the improvements don’t stop there. 

In an effort to align with the district’s increased efforts to create harmony, Principal Kimberly Holland thought it was a great opportunity to think bigger and paint the outside of the entire school in green and yellow to match Poly. 

“There has been a rivalry for far too long, and it is time that the schools come together,” said Holland. “Having matching colors will help bring unity to LBUSD, and make everyone feel like they belong.”

The changes made to the school will end the rivalry between Woody and Jonathan Jackrabbit. On one side of that building there will be a mural of the Jackrabbit to show our appreciation to Poly High School and to memorialize our longstanding rivalry for the past 70+ years. 

“Wilson administration finally understands that the school has always wanted to be like Poly,” said Jack Therabbit, a Wilson teacher, who went to Poly High School. “Now we can finally accept that we are Poly East.” 

While no final decisions have been made Wilson administration is discussing the new uniforms that students will be expected to wear in the fall. Ms. Fekjar in Activities is already planning the shift and when students return after Spring Break, they can expect to be greeted in a wash of green and gold.  “At least our Link Crew can still wear their Gold shirts!” she exclaimed. Our dedicated Wilson loving Alumni Association has also stepped up and offered to pay for new uniforms for all our sport teams and the Bear Store is already ordering new merchandise for the fall. So get ready Bruins and start shopping! Easter is a perfect time to find those shirts with bunnies!! Go Bruins!!

“When we play Poly, and we have the same uniforms, how will we be able to tell which team everyone is on,” said Wilson basketball player Allie Oops. “I might pass the ball to the wrong team.”

Many teachers and alumni are very angry about the new colors. 

“I am all for unity,” said alumnus Alder Mahn. “But changing Wilson to Poly colors is going way too far. We need to keep Wilson, Wilson.”

Other students are excited about the change. 

“If we go all Poly, we won’t have to wear uniforms anymore,” said sophomore Maya Owen Clothes. “I hope that happens before I graduate.” 

In the spirit of unity, the district is also considering a teacher swap. Some Poly teachers will teach at Wilson sometimes, and vice versa.  So, students watch out. You never know who you are going to see when you walk in your classes when we go back to school.