Trials of a 30 Minute Lunch

Marco Haynes, Staff Writer

For students at Wilson High School, lunch is the time to eat and socialize with friends while taking a break from learning. However, this year lunch is now at home and students can go to school to pick up lunch if they need it. Although the school has changed dramatically, Long Beach Unified School district kept lunchtime to 30 minutes. But is 30 minutes enough for students to get to school, get lunch and get back in time for their next class? After almost 100 Wilson students took a survey about lunchtime, many want more time to get lunch, and with other activities they have. 

Analyzing the survey, all the responses were evenly mixed of each grade level at Wilson High School and many seemed to agree with increasing the time. Out of the 90 responses, 80% agreed to increase the time given for lunch at school. 

“I think eating food should take time and students can be more productive during lunchtime, like doing schoolwork and all that,” said one student who agrees with the increase in time. Students could meet with teachers during this time and get one on one help. 

As the school year continues many students are dealing with problems of their own during lunchtime. For most students, they use the time to do school work or chores they have to complete as they eat. Several students said that it is very stressful trying to drive to school to get lunch, navigating the long lines to get food provided by the school, being able to eat, and then getting back to their class on time.

“I think it should be longer for people who have to pick up lunches at school and to have enough time to make food. Also, it’s good to have a bigger break between staring at a screen,” a student said responding about school-provided lunch. 

The school provided food is a benefit for the students who need it most. According to the survey 10% of students who answered get the meals provided by the school. The few who get it have the issue of time. Long lines have been a problem and as COVID cases are rising in Long Beach, it’ll be harder to hand out meals to many. For other students, getting to school to pick up lunch is a difficulty, as transportation is limited to them while the obstacle of traffic is another. 

On the survey, the students were asked what they considered to be the perfect lunch break and the majority of students said one hour. 

As for other students, many use the time to relax from their online classes. A few students will take naps or go for a walk to take a break from the stress of online school. Others use the time for enjoyment either playing video games, watching tv, or talking to friends.