Dancing At A Distance


Photo Submitted By Malia Nakasuji

Advanced dance practicing on C-side while socially distanced.

Sophia Guillen, Staff Writer

Wilson High School’s dance program has had to face many changes to the normal dance culture since the closure of schools and large gatherings in March 2020 due to COVID-19.
Advanced Dance student Jana Brown, explained that Wilson’s dance program has started in person conditioning as of late September 2020. Students are required to wear masks, social distance, and get their temperature taken each time they arrive at practice.

Although in person practice is happening it is not happening as often as it did before COVID-19. Students are currently practicing one to two day a week in person, where before it was five days a week. “Its been a real change since the pandemic started, we are all still figuring out so much and even though we are practicing so differently it’s still really amazing that we get to be a team and still dance” shared Advanced Dance student Malia Nakasuji

Dancers are still attending normal class through zoom and practicing dances through a screen the same as they do in person. Since students are supposed to be distancing themselves from each other certain dance moves that require dancers to have physical contact, like lifting, are a no go this semester in dance.

“The dances this year feel like group solos as we all dance our individual parts simultaneously,” Brown said.
A dance show is still to be expected this year however, it is going to look different than in previous years. As it remains highly unlikely for a physical dance show to take place the dance program has been exploring their options to make the dance show happen. As of right now they are thinking of creating a youtube video of the dances they have prepared in replacement for an in person production.

As challenging as this season has been for Wilson’s Dance community, they have managed to keep their heads held high and find creative ways to ensure that the show will go on.
No dance teachers or staff answered emails requesting comment.