Wilson Introduces “Tik Tok 101”


Arit Etuk-Navajo, Guest Writer

Starting off the new semester with exclusive “for you page” vibes, Wilson offers its students their first-ever TikTok class. 


TikTok 101– the newest elective on the Wilson campus, is available to all grade levels for Bruins to get the “hype” on. The class guides Bruins through the Tik Tok experience from start to finish and even coaches them on ways to become “Tik Tok famous”. 


As students all over campus take advantage of the opportunity, the feedback is nothing but positive. One particular student Kaley Corona (freshman), says she “can’t wait to learn the original renegade.” Corona knows that someday she will reach 1 million followers and will be honored to drop out of school to be a part of the TikTok Hype House. A close friend of Kaley’s’, Hailey Say-So, says “I was skeptical about actually enrolling, but barely a few weeks in and I already love everything about it!”


 With such terrific feedback, it’s not even up for debate whether or not to continue the class after the 2019-2020 school year. Especially since even Principal Doja Kat has stopped by numerous times and joined her students in the fun. I think it’s safe to say TikTok 101 will rein in on the Bruin way for years to come.