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Draven Lang, Staff Writer

Draven Lang is a 16 year old Junior in the SOTA’s pathway. Dravens favorite baseball team is between the Tigers and Angels, he works at rainbow feather, and wants to be a writer or create the stories for video games. He was home schooled in 7th grade and didnt like it, then once he joined 9th grade he liked it and enjoyed it more than when he was homeschooled. Draven’s inspiration is a video game character called Belmont from Castlevania. Draven has gotten to learn more about himself and has gotten to talk to his friends more and his online friends. What he does in his free time is mod video games and plays video games like on his PC or console because he has a console heart deep inside. A thing he wishes he knew before he came to highschool was to be more prepared and to be more serious with his learning and his education. He doesn't believe in covid conspiracy theories, he thinks that the tin foil weirdos that believe in those theories can believe in them , but he just won't because he will stick to the reality of the virus. Draven wants people to keep wearing masks and he believes  that masks are important especially in school , and thinks that you should be wearing one just so you won't risk the lives of others. His art pathway will affect his future career path because he wants to be a videogame designer or story teller for video games. Draven’s favorite thing about school is being social and talking to people and in class about topics about anything really. Draven loves Marvel and Marvel movies and superheroes. 

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Draven Lang