Superintendent Student Advisory Committee Bridges Student Concerns to Adults


Roxy Kuper-Wilson, Staff Writer

Long Beach Unified School District students can now bring their concerns and issues directly to the attention of the Superintendent. Wilson High School Senior Maya Bryson made her idea a reality when she started the Student Advisory Committee Questions. 

Bryson, who is in the Medical and Biology Technology pathway, was interviewed by Superintendent Dr. Jill Baker over the summer for a podcast. During this time of quarantine and self reflection, Black Lives Matters movement, and an impactful internship Bryson realized that there are voices that need to be heard, but just aren’t. Dr. Baker had the same idea, and the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee or RSVP (Raising Students Voices and Participation) was conceived. 

RSVP is 22 students in a class expressing their concerns. This committee is a bridge which connects student voices to adults who will listen. 

Bryson said this committee is “a safe place for students to voice their opinions.”

She explained that she started this committee to focus on student concerns, letting teachers know these concerns, sharing voices of students, and dealing with mental health issues. With fellow students, Bryson created a Student Letter to inform LBUSD teachers and administrators of the work that needs to be done to ensure cooperation on school campus.

The committee has been helpful to the students, as well as the adults, participating. However, due to these remote circumstances, there have been challenges with conducting the meeting remotely via Zoom.

Bryson stated that her goals for the next few years was to grow the size of the committee. While this committee grows to its fullest potential, they hope to impact students in the district, as more students continue to share their voices. As Bryson said, “Things are great in the District but there can always be change.”

Click here to watch Wilson participants in the Superintendent’s Advisory Student Committee video.